In Dreams. And You.

Before the first shadows crossed the morning floor, we dreamt. Awake or asleep, we still attain that original freedom when we’re immersed in our own thoughts and visions.

We want to hear yours. Chris and I would like to put music underneath your dreams, and we’d like to see how these dreams resonate with other people, other worlds and other ideas. We’re seeking out the connection between us — this is a collaboration. It grows beyond anything we can foresee. It’s an experiment in hope.

Up until now, Chris and I have been making music together as Matt Pond PA. Writing, recording, rolling for over a decade. He’s been as much a part of my namesake as me — I can’t imagine a better compadre. Now it’s time for the next chapter. A new adventure, a new set of strings.

We’re asking you to work with us — to inspire us and each other. Send us a recording, a transcript or any words about your dreams, visions, desires, memories or feelings and we’ll create their soundtrack.

We’re presenting these pieces between a curated selection of songs on In Dreams, an evening broadcast on Radio Kingston 1490 WKNY at 8pm every Sunday. The show is streaming online on and archived here.