Episode 17: The Dreamers.

If we haven’t already made ourselves translucent, our mission is to explore and uncover the loose visions and dreams that connect us all. For us, music is the thread that winds through all of these thoughts. It is music that has defined our lives — a scatter-brained cacophony of moments — collected and woven back into songs. Tonight, we don’t have an agenda — except to listen to one another. Those dreams, those crazy dreams of what we wanted out of life. Night visions that swirl by way of lost time and shapelessness — these sensations, impulses, monsters, angels that belong to all of us. We share these similar and strange brains and bodies — I would hope that understanding is the prime directive for most. The introduction to the early owners manual. Tonight we hear the voices of two women who grew up in this country without citizenship. Agree, disagree, love, loathe. Our modest request is merely that you listen.


Episode 16: Fermented and Distilled Dreams, Part 2.

Fermentation and distillation. Todd Leopold, Rae Wilson, Dave Smith, Jim Crooks and Jon Buford — they are masters of making amazing, intoxicating beverages in ethical, sustainable, thoughtful ways. Buzzing and hovering around the world of alcohol, there’s a strong potential for both the sublime and strife — ideologically, psychologically, physically. We celebrate with overflowing cups, we despair when it gets to be too much. Swarming around the jukebox, our inhibitions melt — as does the ability to dance in time during the blinding light of our last-call maneuvers. If balance is maintained, if reason is kept reasonably full — the possibilities and flavors are endless.


Episode 15: Fermented and Distilled Dreams, Part 1.

There are angels and devils amongst these thoughts and visions. There is divinity and desperation. The great spiritmakers transcend the whole experience of alcohol — they are advocates for the environment, they are proponents of their personnel, of the communities in which they exist. Their creations invoke the distinct flavors of their terroir, accompanied by hallowed euphoria.


Episode 14: Fear is the Mind-killer

Fear. It is the doubt, the danger, the shark, the swan song, the pounding heart, and it is the darkness. But while it casts shadows, fear also enlightens. I believe we need these frailties to question ourselves and become better people. Tonight we’re going to look fear in the eyes and come out on the other side.


Episode 13: Start All the Downloading

Tonight we explore the kingdom of those who write and create in the new electronic languages of our lives. They build the systems that connect us and make the impossible possible. Moonfarmer and Evolving Media Network have constructed the very site on which our radio show rests — a series of codes that were constructed by the people you’ll be hearing tonight. That, and music from Stereolab, Arctic Monkeys, The Microphones, Arcade Fire, Aphex Twin, Betty Harris, Grace Jones, St. Vincent and more.


Episode 12: Heat Wave

We’re nearing the median of the sultry season. We are restless in the drawn-out dusk, we practice feigned apathy, in search of one last rope swing. Branches hang low in the humidity, and beneath it we do our best to stay afloat through the provocative hot heaviness. During the most recent heat wave, I wrote to cool off. And I listened to the sounds of The Pretenders, Ruth Etting, The Motels, Sade, Jerry Byrd, Bruce Springsteen, Cass McCombs, Akira Rabelais, The Shangri-Las and more. Let’s roll.


Episode 11: Just Like Heaven

We’re all so different and yet we are all so similar. These bodies, these brains, this world. We live, breathe, love, create and dream. And then we draw the curtains. All of us. Personally, I believe the end to be just another part of the journey, something to both salute and celebrate. So tonight, we speak with those who contemplate and face mortality, with tracks from Portishead, Carla Bruni, Fairport Convention, David Bowie, Fever Ray, The Isley Brothers, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead and more.


Episode 10: Freedom!

With Independence day around the corner, we’ve decided to wrestle with the power above all other powers, the truth and beauty within the infinite choices that we constantly make, the almighty concept of freedom. And we’ll drift on a musical wave with tracks from Wild Pink, Sinead O’Connor, Adrianne Lenker, Bruce Springsteen, The Temper Trap, Lucinda Williams, Lady Lamb, Elliot Smith and ELO.


Episode 9: I’m With the DJ

Since day one in my first beat-up Mazda, I tuned in to the radio. I scanned the dial to find the undiscovered soundtrack that might blow my mind. Really listening to what the DJs were trying tell me, the secret message within the fabric of their setlist. This Sunday, we have the visions and dreams of some of the best DJs out there. Plus tracks from Cocteau Twins, Lana Del Rey, Serge Gainsbourg, Soft Science, Brian Eno, The Strokes, Spiritualized and more.


Episode 8: O Canada!

Last week, I went north to visit my family and see the great Passamaquoddy Bay in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. We drank beer, stared at the brilliant stars and howled at the night sky about all our thoughts, visions and dreams. Subsequently, tonight’s show is about Canada. All Canadian voices, all Canadian music. The beauty, the splendor and the wonder of those brilliant folks to the north. Specifically, the people of St. Andrews.


Episode 7: Summertime Rules

Summer. It’s nearly upon us. So let’s dive in all the way. No regrets, nothing but water, heat and music. Hear the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Ratatat, Bruce Springsteen, Alessi Brothers, The Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Beach House, Wilco, Nick Drake and more. That and summer dreams.


Episode 6: Dreaming in the Key of Q

Here in Kingston, New York, we have an inclusive and amazing a cappella LGBTQ & Allied chorus, Key of Q, an ensemble that skillfully blends talent, personality and community — all into one. Our show tonight is dedicated to these excellent people. They were incredibly generous with their time and talent — we are lucky to know them. We’re featuring their voices, both sung and spoken, along with music from Joan Armatrading, Vicktor Taiwò, Billy Strayhorn, Tegan and Sara, Courtney Barnett, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Deerhunter and more.


Episode 5: Slumber 1

As strange as it all is, there’s nothing as strange as what’s happened in depths of our minds when traveling through the world of sleep. The beauty and the darkness — tonight we’ll be hearing about some of the places we go in the land of slumber. With music from Band of Horses, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Wilco, Lower Dens, The American Analog Set, LCD Sound System and more.


Episode 4: The Ones Who Create the Waves

Tonight on In Dreams we focus on musicians, the ones who create the waves in this ocean of music — their thoughts visions and dreams. Hear the words of Nicole Atkins, Mercury Rev’s Grasshopper and others, and listen to tunes from Sparklehorse, Kaki King, Brian Eno, Midlake, Lou Reed, David Bowie and more.


Episode 3: The Heart of a Mother

Tonight we celebrate the women who gave birth to us, who shaped our lives, who are still and forever learning. We play the music of Grouper, Cass McCombs, Big Thief, Sly & The Family Stone, Chris Reimer, Daughter and more, and hear the beautiful words of seven amazing mothers.


Episode 2: Every Song is the Perfect Song

Hear tracks from Bauhaus, Prince, Charlotte Gainsbourg, The Rolling Stones, The Clientele and more, and listen to the words of two inspired women. KC makes the simplicity of the world seem like magic; she is a living, breathing song. And Katrina is a gentle hurricane of a friend, a brilliant truck-driving debutante. The dream is in the listening.


Episode 1: Debut

We debut our series tonight with the voices of the young people in and around our lives. Because that’s where we all started.