Record your Dream.

Take a deep breath. Press record. Wait 15 seconds before you start speaking to capture a little room noise, and tell us about your dream, memory, vision, aspiration, hope. Don’t be attached to the idea of a dream in the literal sense — this is your own interpretation of your own thoughts. Something you see, something you believe. When you speak, try to be relaxed and don’t hurry your words. Feel free to pause. When you’re finished, let it roll for another 15 seconds before stopping. When you press stop, your audio track will appear below the recorder. If you’re happy with it, click on the file name to save it to your computer. Or you can hit record to begin again. When you’re ready, send us your dream.

From your phone or tablet, record and save your dream using your voice memo application, save it to your device, and upload from there.

Start Recording:


    This HTML5 recording device is compatible with the latest versions of most modern desktop browsers. If you have trouble, you can use whatever audio recording software you have (like your phone’s voice memo app, or GarageBand) and then send us your mp3, m4a or wav file here.